The Clubhouse Manager is selected by the Commodore and may serve more than one term. The Clubhouse Manager is responsible for the operation and general appearance of the clubhouse. These duties include but are not limited to:

  • Making sure that all appliances and equipment are operational. If a problem arises that the Clubhouse Manager is unable to correct he/she shall notify the Port Captain of the nature of the problem.
  • Coordinate with the Social Chair and maintain a personal up to date social calendar so as to be aware of open dates.    Be responsible for the scheduling of club rental to members or others.
  • Obtain a check from the renter - to include the rental and the cleaning deposit. Turn this check over to the Treasurer.
  • Ensure that the clubhouse is clean prior to a renter using the clubhouse. If the Clubhouse Manager cannot clean the clubhouse or get volunteers to clean it, the Clubhouse Manager is authorized to hire a cleaning person to clean the clubhouse, expense for the cleaning person not to exceed the cleaning deposit.
  • Accompany the renter on a tour of the clubhouse to ensure that the clubhouse is clean to the satisfaction of the renter prior to a rental. This tour will also inform the renter of the condition that the clubhouse must be in after the rental in order to have their cleaning deposit returned.
  • Inspect the clubhouse after a rental to ascertain whether the cleaning deposit is to be returned.
  • Ensure that NOTHING is allowed to be attached to the covering on the sliding doors and the covered windows. (These doors and windows are to be cleaned only with nonabrasive cleaner, i.e. Windex or mild soap and water and a cotton cloth. Do Not use paper towels or paper products to wipe or clean the windows.)