i don't own a boat. can i still be a member?

YES! membership is open to all individuals who are interested in boating or other water activities. Boat ownership is not a requisite for club membership.

how do i sign up?

All new member applications must be electronically submitted on the MCYC website.  Once submitted a Membership Chairperson will review for processing.

how much does it cost to join?

There is a one-time initiation fee of $125, a background check per person of $45 and yearly dues are $160 per membership. Dues are payable at the first General Membership meeting after January 1st of each year. In addition, each adult member must purchase $60 in vouchers which can be used to purchase alcohol, dinners, party fees, etc.

what if i join in the middle of the year?

Dues may be paid by paying for the first half of the year in January and the second half in July. A new member joining after Feb. 1st will have their dues prorated evenly by the months remaining in the year.

can i bring a pet?

All pets must be on a leash and under control when on the MCYC premises. Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse and pet owners are responsible for disposing of their pet's waste.

are there any obligations i have as a member?

Each member will be responsible to serve once a year at a regular meeting by assisting in the preparation and serving of refreshments and for being Chairman or Cochairman on one party. Opening Day participation is strongly encouraged for all MCYC members.


is there a map of the moorage?

how much does it cost to lease a slip?

Prices range from $125 to $190 per month depending on the length of vessel. MCYC Members temporarily renting but not leasing will pay two times the listed rental fees for all boat slips.

how do i request a position on the moorage list?

Must be a MCYC club member and in good standing. Submit a request form from the Moorage Manager stating slip requirements. Persons on the list shall keep the Moorage Manager informed of their present mailing address, email address and phone number.

Marina and NonMembers

i need to do some work on my boat. can i do that in the marina?

It is prohibited to do any in-water scraping or any process that occurs underwater which removes paint from the hull.

Always mix paints and epoxy over a tarp.

Spray painting is not allowed within the marina.

Do not dispose of paints or solvents in the marina's dumpster.

what should i do with sewage?

Untreated sewage should never be discharged directly overboard. Dispose of sewage properly at pump-out stations.

what should i do with solid waste?

Dispose of all garbage in the proper shore-side receptacles.

Recycle all plastics, newspapers, cardboard and aluminum in proper receptacles

can i give a nonmember the code to the clubhouse lock

Nonmembers shall not be allowed access to the MCYC clubhouse, float house, or storage shed unless they are accompanied by a club member.

i'm going to have some relatives staying at my hour or boat while i'm not there. is this ok?

Relatives of members may have access to the parking lot and walkways when:

  1. They have consent of their relative member.
  2. The member notifies an Officer of the Club or the Moorage Manager of their wishes.
  3. They are aware they must follow the same rules that apply to the members. The Moorage Manager must be notified of the names of all relatives who have gate lock codes.

i'm having some work done on my house or boat. can i give contractors the gate lock code?

Contractors, repair people and any nonmembers will not be given the gate lock code without consent and knowledge of the Board, Port Captain or Moorage Manager.

Clubhouse, Meetings and Parties

where is the best place to buy food for a meeting or party?

Some good options are Costco, Winco Foods, and any Cash and Carry.

for which expenses will i get reimbursed?

All expenses will be reimbursed including costs of food, paper goods, decorations, travel expenses, cost of prizes, etc.

how do i go about getting reimbursed?

Fill out an expense report (found in the kitchen) and turn it in to the Treasurer along with any cash/scrip that is left over after all expenses have been reimbursed.

where do i find the cash box for door admission money?

Please check with Clubhouse Manager.

how much does it cost to rent the clubhouse for a private party?

Rental fee to members is $100 plus a $65 returnable cleaning fee.

Request must be in writing and must include necessary fees.

do i have to provide my own supplies?

Club supplies are for club functions only. Members using the clubhouse for their own parties are to provide their own coffee, paper goods, etc.

can i serve alcohol at my party?

Only individuals holding a valid OLCC Service Permit may serve alcoholic beverages to members and invited guests of MCYC. OLCC requires that all private parties providing liquor must take the form of a hosted bar and the host must be a member of MCYC.

who cleans up after a party?

Members will leave the clubhouse as they found it or better, including clean grills, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.