Multnomah Channel Yacht Club, The Friendliest Club on the River

Membership Information

Why Choose MCYC?
Multnomah Channel Yacht Club membership is open to all boaters and non-boaters. Enjoy the benefits and privileges of belonging to a private club. This is your opportunity to meet, socialize and cruise with “the friendliest club on the river!“ Joining us will be one of the best membership decisions you will ever make.

For more than 60 years MCYC has held on to its founding principles--to build a yacht club with a warm and friendly culture that meets the boating and social needs of its members. This same culture exists today just as it did in 1962 and our goal is to have these traditions continue.

In addition, active membership in the Multnomah Channel Yacht Club also brings reciprocity to other yacht clubs worldwide. Enjoy all the benefits while you are out of town or traveling the world.

Welcome Aboard!
On behalf of the Officers and membership of the Multnomah Channel Yacht Club (MCYC) we want to THANK YOU for your interest in MCYC Membership. We have a history of strong community participation, and pleasure boating traditions. Our goal is to provide our members a safe, secure and user friendly club and marina for your boating and social enjoyment. We believe success and the future of our Yacht Club is a direct result of membership participation and working in a cooperative effort towards common goals.

The MCYC Membership Committee’s desire is to provide prospective members complete information pertaining to our club procedures and operations and assist you in becoming a valued and long-term member. Please carefully read through the materials provided. This will give you the opportunity to be better informed, ensure this is a good fit for you, and help in some of the questions you may have in the onboarding process.

Application Information
To help new members get acquainted, you will have the opportunity during the process to participate in some activities and, with your sponsor’s help, learn about what MCYC does and how you can be involved. We count on the active participation of all our members in our continued efforts to make MCYC a solid member of the community and the greater pleasure boat family.

Prospective Member Informationt:
MCYC contact form for general information
Application form
• Club Service Program (CSP) Participation Form (LINK)
• Request for Moorage (LINK to FAQ)
• Contacts to help you with your application process:
Membership Chair:
Jamie Rixie
PH: 503-388-8526
Email: jambar12002@yahoo,com
Moorage Manager:
Brian Hale
Email: pgaw2b1@msn,com
You may also contact your Sponsors for additional club information

Yes, I want to Join!
Here’s what you need to do… Submit the following to the MCYC Membership Committee Chair: (email and/or LINK)
• Completed Member Application Form with signatures
• $35 application fee (used for background checks)
• A family picture including members listed on application
• A picture of your boat (if applicable)

Onboarding Steps

  1. Your application will be reviewed by our Board of Trustees
  2. Upon approval you are required to 1) attend one general meeting, 2) participate in one club event, and 3) interview with the MCYC Board
  3. You will submit your annual membership fee
  4. Finally, you will be inducted and introduced during a general meeting (held every 3rd Friday)

Note: The entire time line generally takes 60- to 90-days. During this time, we encourage you to join with your sponsors as a guest at various social and boating events.

My Membership is Approved… Now What?