The Rear Commodore shall assume the responsibility of the MCYC Fleet Captain.

The Fleet Captain:

  1. Is responsible for organizing the OPENING DAY Parade.
  2. Attends CRYA meetings from Feb. through April prior to Opening Day. Helps to select the theme for the year.
  3. Becomes acquainted with the Parade Marshal and Head Judge.
  4. Becomes acquainted with the latest Opening Day Rules.
  5. Reports information for Opening Day to the Members at the General Membership Meetings.
  6. Discusses and formulates plans for our approach to the theme and how we should decorate the fleet.
  7. Contacts and makes arrangements with the Coast Guard Auxiliary or Power Squadron to inspect our boats for safety decals.
  8. Encourages all member boat owners to get their boat examined.
  9. Advises all members that all boats must be shipshape and spotlessly clean before decorating.
  10. Encourages all members to participate in the Opening Day Ceremonies.
  11. Schedules work parties for all members to help with decorations and preparations.
  12. Sees that all material, paint, pennants, etc. is available for such work parties.
  13. Prepares & posts a list of all boats planning to be in the parade.
  14. Posts a sign-up sheet for members participating but need a boat ride.
  15. Makes copies for each skipper of instruction sheet, formation sheet, parade route maps and CRYA information sheets.
  16. Is in complete charge of the fleet on Opening Day Parade.
  17. Sees that boats leave on schedule, slow boats first, etc.
  18. Is responsible for reporting to the Parade Marshal at the appropriate time after forming up.
  19. Provides a continental breakfast at the clubhouse the morning of Opening Day. All expenses will be reimbursed by the club.