1. Cruise Captain will set forth the cruise schedule for the year working in conjunction with the Commodore and the Social Director.
  2. The cruise schedule is to be turned into CRYA by the Cruise Captain at the January meeting of CRYA.
  3. The Cruise Captain shall be responsible for planning all cruises, making reservations for all cruise sites and any other areas needed In conjunction with the cruise.
  4. Encourage participation of all members by announcing the activity at meetings, through the phone committee, fliers, etc.
  5. Coordinate any food planning, beverages or entertainment which are needed in conjunction with the cruises.
  6. Report to Club at meetings as to attendance participation and success of the cruises.
  7. Make sure that the Cruise Flag is prominently displayed at all cruises and cruise functions.
  8. Sit as Chairman on the Halloween Cruise Committee.
  9. The Assistant Cruise Captain, selected by the Vice Commodore, is to be on the Halloween Cruise Committee, and will serve as the next Cruise Captain.