The Social Director is responsible for:

  1. Scheduling Club parties and related activities.
  2. Scheduling private parties, determining whether there will be a rental fee and informing the party host(s) what the cost of renting the club will be and informing the host(s) that club supplies are not to be used.
  3. Setting up a yearly calendar by setting dates and hosts for parties and other activities for the upcoming year. Working with the Clubhouse Manager and the Cruise Captain making sure there are no conflicts in scheduling. Also checking with MCYC Past Commodores to see if they want to schedule anything.
  4. Preparing a calendar and keeping it up to date to indicate dates of club parties, private parties and other activities.
  5. Keeping the activity board in the Club house current and up to date.
  6. Supplying and informing the club party chairpersons as to their responsibilities, such as conferring with the Galley manager and Bar manager for any special needs, and filling out the cap sheets after each party.
  7. Inform the club party chairpersons of the MCYC party record book and follow up to see that a cap sheet is put in the book for future use.
  8. Inform the club party chairpersons of the party supplies in the storeroom and cabinets.
  9. Keep the MCYC party record book categorized and updated.