1. The Port Capt. & Asst. Port Capt. (if one is appointed) shall serve one (1) year terms of office. Note: The Asst. Port Captain shall be appointed by the incoming Vice Commodore and will assume the duties of Port Captain the following year.
  2. The Asst. Port Capt. shall work for and with the Port. Capt. and will be responsible to the Port Capt.
  3. The Port Capt. & Asst. Port Capt. shall coordinate their activities & projects with the Social Director, Clubhouse Manager and Moorage Manager.
  4. The Port Capt. & Asst. Port Capt. shall be members of the Moorage Committee.
  5. The Port Capt. is authorized to have EMERGENCY repairs made to the Moorage and Club Buildings as required, which will not exceed $500 in expected cost. For repairs in excess of $500, the Port Capt. shall obtain the approval of the Board.
  6. The Port Capt. will coordinate the docking of guest boats at social gatherings.
  7. The Port Capt. shall be responsible for maintenance, record keeping & equipment manuals of all, but not limited to, the Club property listed below:
    • Filling of propane tanks as needed
    • Check and maintain propane lines and system
    • Parking lot
    • Driveway / Dike walk
    • Pump house / well
    • Ramp
    • Ramp house/Float
    • Water system (pertaining to the Club facilities)
    • Sewer system (pertaining to the Club facilities)
    • Electrical system (Clubhouse & storage buildings)
    • Clubhouse/Store room & connected guest docks