The Moorage Manager shall be selected by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the General Membership. The Manager’s term shall be continued until the Manager chooses to resign, or is removed by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board or by a majority vote of the General Membership. The Moorage Manager shall be responsible for the day to day management of the business affairs of the MCYC moorage, for the benefit of the club and its tenants. The Moorage Manager shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the following activities:

  1. Inspect moorage and facilities, including the land area, making recommendations to the Moorage Committee for repairs, maintenance and improvements.
  2. Authorized to have emergency repairs made to the moorage facilities as required, which will have an expected cost of $500. For repairs in excess of $500, the Moorage Manager shall obtain the approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. Maintain and post a waiting list of members wishing to lease space. The date/time the request is received by the Moorage Manager shall be the determining factor as to position on the waiting list.
  4. When a space becomes available for lease, notify each person on the waiting list.
  5. Keep treasurer informed on any slip rental status changes.
  6. Sit as a member of the Moorage Committee.