1. Nonmembers shall not be allowed access to the MCYC clubhouse, float house, or storage shed unless they are accompanied by a member.

  2. Nonmembers shall not be allowed on or around the walkways and parking lot unless prior arrangements have been made, in writing, with the MCYC Board and notification to the Moorage Manager.

  3. Relatives (parents, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters) of members may have access to the parking lot and walkways when:
    1. They have consent of their relative member.
    2. The member notifies an Officer of the Club or the Moorage Manager of their wishes.
    3. They are aware they must follow the same rules that apply to the members.
  4. The Moorage Manager must be notified of the names of all relatives who have the gate combination.

  5. Contractors, repair people and misc. will not have the combination without consent and knowledge of the Board, Port Captain or Moorage Manager.