1. All children under the age of 12 years must wear a life jacket while on MCYC docks and walkways.
  2. No swimming will be allowed from MCYC docks.
  3. No firearms or explosive devices may be detonated on moorage premises without proper permits and prior approval of the MCYC Board.
  4. Running on docks and walkways is prohibited.
  5. All pets must be on a leash and under control when on the MCYC moorage premises. Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or other club buildings. Pets are not allowed to be tied where they or their leashes, ropes, etc., block or impair main traffic areas of the MCYC docks or walkways. Pet owners are responsible for disposing of their pet’s waste deposit on any and all premises of MCYC.
  6. If there are two (2) valid complaints about a pet to the Board of Directors, the Board will be obligated to take appropriate action.
  7. No persons or members will be allowed to live aboard a boat without specific written consent from the MCYC Board of Directors.
  8. Nothing (lockers, plants, planters, pets on a leash, building materials, garbage, dinghies or miscellaneous) shall be stored or left on the walkways of MCYC premises without specific written consent from the MCYC Board.
  9. Tables and chairs on the docks:
    • The open areas known as the end of ‘A’ and ‘M’ docks and the area between M-11 & M-12 slips may have one round table made of plastic and white color and be able to fold flat. There will be no more than 6 chairs and must be the same style of deck chairs MCYC owns. The chairs and tables will remain at these areas only.
    • When not in use the tables and chairs will be stacked as not to impede ingress/egress of the main dock area.
    • The tables and chairs may be placed at each location between opening and closing days only and will be stored in the tender at the bottom of the ramp during winter or off-site.
    • Tables and chairs will be purchased by members and donated back to MCYC and be available for any MCYC member to use at any time.
  10. All tenant dock boxes (storage sheds) shall conform to STORAGE SHED SPECIFICATIONS as stated in Storage Shed (Dock Boxes) Rules and Regulations in this roster.
  11. Bulk storage of liquid fuels or flammable liquids is prohibited other than in approved containers on board boats or in storage lockers.
  12. Unattended use of open flame heating and barbecuing is prohibited
  13. Fueling boats and outboard motors must have two (2) persons and an adequate fire extinguisher standing by.
  14. No tenant or user of MCYC moorage facilities shall allow any part of their boat or house to protrude over the walkways.
  15. Boat repair or cleaning that creates air or water pollution, such as sanding or painting, will not be allowed at or on MCYC moorage facilities.
  16. Anyone utilizing MCYC property shall obey all municipal, county, state and federal laws and regulations and shall not carry on any activity that does not meet generally accepted safety standards and requirements to ensure that their boat, boathouse or houseboat does not become a hazard to themselves, other boats or persons in the moorage area.