1. When a vacancy occurs, the Moorage Manager or Assistant Moorage Manager will notify all persons who have requested a slip in this particular location. The person with the oldest priority date, and specific request, will receive first consideration. If a member’s request form does not request a slip in this particular area, they will not be notified.

  2. Those members notified will have two (2) weeks to respond and request the slip that is available.

  3. The two week period will start from the date of the e-mail, the postmark if delivered by U.S. Mail or the date if hand delivered.

  4. Acceptance of a slip must include monies in the amount of one half (1/2) of the move-in fee. This amount will be stated in the offer notice. Acceptance date will be the date of the acceptance e-mail, the postmark of the notice of acceptance or the date and time marked if hand delivered.

  5. The remainder of the move-in fee must be remitted within two (2) weeks of the acceptance date.

  6. If no response is received within the two (2) week period, it will be considered that the notified member has refused the offer.

  7. There will be no trading of slips among lessees. Slip lessees must be on a list and wait their turn if they wish a different slip.

  8. A lessee may lease only one slip at a time. Exception, a lessee with a houseboat or a weekender without a boat well may also lease a boat slip.

  9. Proof of liability insurance is required of all lessees. Each boat and structure must have a minimum of $500K liability with MCYC listed as ‘Additional Insuranced’ on the policy.

  10. If a lessee wishes to sell his houseboat or boathouse and leave it in its location, it must be offered to the names on the waiting list first. If, after two weeks, there are no buyers, it may be offered to the general membership. If, after two weeks, there are no buyers it may be offered to the general public with the following stipulations:
    1. The buyer must be acceptable to the Club as per membership rules.
    2. The buyer must join MCYC before the sale is complete.
  11. When a lessee wishes to terminate the lease, thirty (30) days written notice must be given to the Moorage Manager.

  12. If a member in good standing vacates a boat slip and then decides to lease a boat slip again, there will be no further non-refundable fee charged IF the transaction takes place within one year after the last payment on the previous slip. If the new boat slip fee is more than the previous one then the member will pay the difference.    Ex:  Moving from A dock to M Slanted.